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TERMS OF PAYMENT – Stage Payments will normally be required weekly. Up to 90% of materials supplied or work done will be claimed and payment must be made within seven days of invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed by us, in writing, all accounts, whether for materials supplied or work done, are due on delivery and/or completion of the work, whether the work is to be done to the satisfaction of third parties or otherwise, but we reserve the right to demand payment at any time.

Terms in force for previous orders are not necessarily applicable to subsequent orders. Customers are requested to advise us of any discrepancies in the account or measurements within seven days of receipt of the account, otherwise we shall assume the account, as rendered, is correct. Interest at 5% p.a. above HSBC Bank PLC Base Rate will be added to overdue accounts.

MATERIALS ON SITE – The title of the goods does not pass until they have been paid for in full, and if they are resold then we have the right to charge for those items, and pending any such sale they shall remain at the purchaser’s risk with the intention that the purchasers shall pay for those items even though they may be lost or damaged for any reason whatsoever.

REVISION – In the event of supplies being restricted or affected by Weather, War, Fire, Flood, Strike, Lockout, Accident, Advances in Rail Rates, or increases in the cost of Labour, Transport and Materials, or through any other cause beyond our control we shall be at liberty to revise the Quotation/Estimate. We can in no case be responsible for delay arising directly or indirectly from causes beyond our control (including Weather, War, Fire, Flood, Strike, Lockout or other Labour disturbances). Any such delays shall not entitle the customer to rescind the contract or to claim damages.

COMPLETION DATES – While every endeavour will be made to effect completion of the work by the date specified, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for failure to do so, nor can we hold ourselves responsible for any consequent damage arising from this or other causes.

Orders may be cancelled only with our written sanction and those for made-to-special order cannot be cancelled.

DELIVERIES AND WORKMANSHIP – No claim for damage, inferior quality discrepancies or faulty workmanship can be entertained unless the Company is notified in writing and a claim made within 14 days of the completion of supply and fix work.

The liability on goods found and agreed to be defective is confined to free replacement. No claim for consequential damages or losses will be entertained.

The right is reserved to sub-contract any work or order.

Any second-hand value that items that are in connection with our work have, has been allowed for in assessing the price for the job and is included in the overall figures, unless otherwise agreed in writing before commencement of works or contract.

STRIPPING AND RE-ROOFING – Whilst reasonable care will be taken in undertaking stripping and re-roofing work, no responsibility can be accepted for damage to ceilings, interior decorations, rainwater, gutters and contents of premises.

VALUE ADDED TAX – All prices are subject to V.A.T. at the current rate ruling at the time of invoice.

ADDITIONAL WORKS – If, in carrying out works, we encounter difficulties not apparent on an initial inspection upon which the Quotation/Estimate is based, we shall be entitled to add an extra to the price stated in the Quotation/Estimate cost of the works (including materials and equipment), to overcome such difficulties so far as the same are necessary to enable the work to be carried out.

INSURANCE – Irrespective of any insurance taken out by us, a Customer should advise his insurers that building works are being carried out on his property and satisfy himself that he is adequately covered by insurance against loss or damage by fire or other risks arising out of and during the progress of the building operations.

Unless otherwise agreed, we are not liable for loss or damage by fire to the works, materials on site or any other property of the Customer.

PRICES – All prices are subject to revision after a maximum period of sixty days.

WATER AND ELECTRICITY – Water and electricity are required for the execution of this contract, in the form of a minimum 13 amp power point and access to a water supply.